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Zhejiang fastener industry association of the second session of the General Assembly held in Haiyan, the four

On the afternoon of March 15th, the fastener industry association of Zhejiang Province, the second session of the four (Haiyan fastener industry chamber of Commerce, the four session of the second session of the General Assembly), held in Haiyan County, the new century hotel, held in two.

President of Zhejiang fastener industry association Shen Jiahua, Haiyan fastener industry association Jiang Wenguo, President of the chamber of Commerce, the "party collar Hu Quanying, county by letter bureau deputy director Zhong Dongjuan, County Business Bureau deputy director Xu Yunwei, County Quality Supervision Bureau deputy director Zhu Yang Wei County, Industrial and Commercial Bureau vice president Song Hua and other leaders attended the meeting and at the podium sit.

Jiang Wenguo, vice president of the Provincial Association (Haiyan County Chamber of Commerce) chaired the meeting.

According to the agenda of the meeting, Congress passed the first provincial association "2016 work summary and 2017 work plan report", the main work of the 2017 is to continue to focus on the two Council of the overall development plan: improve the development of ideas, enhance the construction of two, focus on ten aspects of work. Considered by the Provincial Association, the County Chamber of Commerce, the 2016 annual financial accounts and the annual budget report, the annual fee determined by the Provincial Association of the two session of the General Assembly on behalf of the adoption of the collection of fees charged by the General Assembly on behalf of the annual report of the annual meeting of the association of the people's Republic of China (2017).

The meeting unanimously approved the appointment of Comrade Xu Deren, comrade Jiang Guanrong, Deputy Secretary General of the Provincial Association, deputy secretary general, while the appointment of comrade and comrade for the Provincial Association of consultants, comrade Jiang Guanrong, Xu Deren. The General Assembly adopted a show of hands to vote through the Provincial Association, the County Chamber of Commerce President of the proposed two, the appointment of Comrade Zhou Xueqin, Deputy Secretary General of the Provincial Association, comrade Zhao Jiying, Deputy Secretary General of the County Chamber of commerce.

Shen Jiahua, President of the last speech: the fastener companies need to do a good job in the transformation and upgrading of enterprise products, equipment, size up the situation, to deal with the complex situation of fastener industry. And require enterprises to standardize the operation of law.

During the meeting, the sea salt fastener 2017 press conference was successfully held". Deputy director of Haiyan County Quality Inspection Bureau Zhu Yangwei introduction: Haiyan fastener industry enterprises in 2016 to enhance the work of rectification and 2017 to enhance remediation tasks; Zhang youth director of the national standard parts inspection center for the 2017 innovation and service mode; China network library group fastener industry base base business person in charge of the China Haiyan fastener industry electronic commerce base project operation and cooperation mode; Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang golden key storage Co. Ltd. Cheng Tingyu of company operation and mode of cooperation to the member representatives of the publicity and promotion. Four units of the speech aroused great interest of the participants, received good results.

The meeting called on all members of the competent business unit and the registration authority and government leaders at all levels of care and support, around the proposed representatives raised two session of a Congress of the objectives and the members of the general assembly of the 2017 task, continue to carry forward the "unity, innovation, cooperation and development" the association of spirit, and strive to practice the development strategy of the development of Zhejiang out of Zhejiang fasteners, fasteners ", make contribution to create a new situation in our province fastener industry development.