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Taiwan export standard parts to the United States has reached 300 thousand tons

Because of the development of the standard parts industry now become more global. Therefore, the development of Taiwan screw industry is still more concerned about. In the first five months of this year, the number of products exported to Taiwan in the United States to the United States has reached more than 300 thousand tons, which is a kind of figure. We can take a look at the export of Taiwan in the past few years there is no data.

In 2012, the Taiwan standard parts industry in export has done very well, in the export to screw products in the United States, we can understand that the first seven months has exceeded 305 thousand and 200 tons, a data that compared to 2011, can be said to increase by more than 5%, under the this growth environment, we can also see a more important data in the United States is Taiwan's exports increased, but also the location of Taiwan's total export volume ratio has been declining, in 2012, although the amount of exports to the United States has been further growth, but for the entire share of Taiwan standard products export ratio, is beginning to reduce, this illustrates that Taiwan in the development of this industry very quickly.

In this year, Taiwan in five months last year reached 7 months to complete the goal, can be said that this year the development of Taiwan is very good, if we can continue to develop again after two months, we are able to see the development of Taiwan this year by comparing the standard parts industry very quickly. At the same time, there is a reason that some of the industry began to require a large number of standard parts, and gradually led to the recovery of the needs of the market, so that Taiwan can not upgrade the export standard parts.