Company profile

Pinghu Kangyuan Hardware Products Co. Ltd. was founded in 2012 (before the hardware products, has ten years of professional experience), the company specializing in the production and operation of various types of nuts, standard parts and non-standard parts, located in Zhejiang Pinghu City, Lin Dai industrial park.

The company's products according to the national standard GB, German standard, Japanese standard, American Standard, non-standard has production, can also according to the user's requirements for distribution, product variety, the main products are locknut, flange nuts, nylon nuts, six square nut, welding nut, plastic gasket, rubber gasket, all round nuts and various non-standard nuts and customized various non-standard pieces, with a lot of cash.

Specifications from M3-M30, designed for auto parts, machinery and equipment, furniture, fitness equipment, toys and other industries supporting services, by the user's trust and praise.

The company to first-class quality, first-class service, reasonable price, for the customer's trust and is willing to work with trade partners around the world sincere cooperation and seek common development.